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The Zombie Way
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The primary goal of the Coalition is to bring Americans to an awareness of the political system they are immersed in. The Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution created a stealth slavery with its legal system. The simple fact is people are controlled and treated as legal entities, or dead things. The nature of the system is to bring people under corporate (municipal) control.
In our quest to assist you in your journey of growth and understanding, the following items are provided for you to learn what we have learned:
An Overview
The transition from a Republic to an Empire

The figure on top the Capital Building in Washington DC is said to be the Statue of Freedom; although the historical name of this lady is actually Persephone: “She who Destroys the Light.”

Persephone was the Graeco-roman goddess of the psyche or soul. She was abducted by Saturn’s son Hades, who enthroned her as queen-consort of his dominion, the underworld. Your lawyer will tell you that standing upon a thing is an ultimate proof of ownership in adverse possession. Persephone, with the ancient pagan heritage she embodies, quite literally… owns the facility she crowns. more…


Persephone’s statue atop the Capitol building in the District of Columbia should not be a surprise to Americans. From the outset of the Republic, powerful factions have struggled behind the scenes to exploit America’s vast natural wealth and to control the minds and will of the people.

To find out more, click on a section of the short 4 Part series below:

Oppressed under despotic British control, the American Colonists discarded the idea of the divine right of kings and replaced it with the equal-rights philosophies of John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Emmerich de Vattel. Declaring that the right to life and liberty was self-evident, and that the authority of rulers arose from the governed, the Colonists established the first-ever representative democracies. The people of the thirteen new nations now enjoyed self-rule, expressing their political will through the governments of their newly formed states.

For their mutual security, and to manage affairs among themselves, these young nations formed a loose confederacy controlled by certain constituted powers. The creators of this federation based the new government on the timeless principles of international law, codified a few years earlier by Vattel in The Law of Nations.

The confederated states sought to protect their sovereign rights and to preserve the rights of their people. Under this original plan, the confederation government operated in a geographically small, and politically neutral area called Washington, District of Columbia. In almost all areas, the states held ultimate authority over the federation government. By design, the people of these several states were free from this federal government’s interference with their lives.

These new American states designed a money system that allowed the producers of wealth to retain the benefit of their production. Those accustomed to power do not easily relinquish it, and the new ideas promoted by this upstart federation threatened the dominance of the European monarchies. This combination of royal power devised plans to deal with these revolutionary American ideas, and many schemes emerged to stop this radical experiment in liberty. Economic and military warfare, deceit, propaganda and subversion became integral and permanent parts of the American political environment, which can be witnessed in its expanded manifestation today.

The European elitists worked diligently toward the destruction of the American system. Their greatest success was to divide the American people over the issue of race (slavery), forcing the several states into war. After the disastrous international conflict known as the Civil War, the elite were able to easily snatch control of the American political system.

The elite exploited the post-war turmoil to secretly steal the lawful government and replace it with a clever but deadly replica, effectively ending the original premise of the American Republic. In its place arose an inverted system where ultimate authority rests in a federal military-style government, with states rights and personal liberty secondary to federal whim and dictate. Such system that put corporations on the same level of rights as Americans.

The new political regime arose from the so-called Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. This alleged amendment and resulting new political system created a federal "commercial" plantation from the former sovereign republics. Citizenship became a governmentally granted privilege, with citizens dependent upon and inferior to their federal overlords. Little do people know that this whole system is grounded in Marxism.

Economic enslavement of the masses has always been the Elite’s covert plan for America. It is the system under which we struggle today, being nothing more than a ploy to rob wealth from those who produce it, and transfer that wealth to those who deem themselves superior. Consider the recent “economic bailout.” You are witness to, victim of and primary provider for this blueblood rescue plan—a plan by the elite for the elite to save them from dirtying their hands with honest labor.

In this system, the government creates money by borrowing it into existence and then paying the elite money masters for the privilege of doing so. The catastrophic and fictitious national debt is simply the interest owed to the moneyed nobility. The end result is that we all lose our liberty and our economic and political viability.

This corrupt political arrangement pledges the peoples’ sweat and toil to sustain an artificial economic system designed to impoverish and distress people so that they have no time or energy to lead creative and fulfilling lives, much less to question the system and create a healthy alternative. Economic servitude under the banner of affluence, liberty and the American way is a smokescreen many cannot see through.

Consider for a moment that all of the following result from the debased political, economic and financial system, for which you can thank the global elite: the high rate of divorce; families unable to survive on what two adults can earn; soaring gasoline and heating costs; loss of jobs and American production moved offshore; skyrocketing costs of food, shelter and health care; the enormous burden of taxation; decay of our educational system; erosion of our ethics and corruption of our moral values; proliferation of drugs and pornography; forceful invasion of a multitude of government agents into our lives; destruction of the global environment; debauchery of the food supply. The list is seemingly endless.

We need no longer wonder why Persephone’s statue stands atop the Capitol. Persephone was consort to Pluto, god of the underworld, ruler of power and wealth. Her statue stands in homage to the blueblood’s complete takeover of the American system. You have been conditioned to respect the present so-called government and its accompanying systems, yet this is not your government. It is an imposter, an abomination—a crime against liberty and against life itself.

We should be very concerned about things in America today. After all, is destitution to be our legacy? That is certainly where we are heading. Worry about money creates so much stress in our lives, and the imposed system of deliberate economic enslavement directly creates that stress. Is this our Creator’s desire for us? Is this the future the founding fathers envisioned? Is this our legacy that we are to leave for our children?

Have you had enough of this Collectivism? Are you ready to take back your nationality and fix your country?

The Simple Truth

Here the Supreme Court spells it out:

[T]he America once extolled as the voice of liberty heard around the world no longer is cast in the image which Jefferson and Madison designed, but more in the Russian image. —Chief Justice Douglas, Laird v. Tatum, 408 U.S. 1 (1972)

ARE YOU outraged by these excesses and feeling you have no voice? If so, please join us at the Not My Government Forum for an honest and open discussion of these issues.

We welcome your input and look forward to hearing from you on the issues.

Please Click Here to read an introduction on the NMG Forum.

For some more facts on the dilemma, please Click Here.

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